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Creating sustainable ingredients for a healthier planet

We're harnessing the power of microbes to change the future of protein production

Our approach

We combine traditional approaches with modern solutions to sustainably reimagine the production of some of the world's most resource-demanding protein ingredients—leaving the environment better for all

A Vector showing the use of engineering tools to enhance microorganisms
Step 1: Teach

We use modern biology tools to "teach" our friendly microbes how to create protein ingredients
A Vector showing a fermentation tank
Step 2: Ferment

We use traditional fermentation to ferment our microbes, providing them with the right environment to "brew" or make enough of our proteins—similar to brewing beer, wine, or insulin
A Vector showing sustainable protein ingredients
Step 3: Formulate

Finally, we purify our protein ingredients and use them to help brands formulate delicious and sustainable products
Our technology

Endless possibilities

Using our microbial platform, we create tailor-made protein ingredients for various industries—starting with food & beverage

Image by Mae Mu

Flavour proteins for

better health

Using our platform, we make plant-proteins that replace commodity ingredients in processed foods, to promote health and well-being.

Image by Mae Mu

Animal proteins

WITHOUT the animals

We make animal-free analogs of animal proteins to create plant-based products without compromise. 

What we make








At Biofect Innovations, we believe that sustainability lies in the sum of its parts, or in the case of food, its individual ingredients. Food goes beyond simply sustaining our bodies, it has the power to sustain our planet too. The food we eat and how its produced can have a significant impact on the environment, but it's not always easy to make sustainable choices.


Our mission is to elevate the health of the planet with conscientiously created ingredients—to accelerate the innovation of responsible food products with a lower carbon footprint. Our microbes are fueled by by-products generated from industries, converting them into high-value protein ingredients, fostering a circular economy.


With our microbial fermentation approach, we create ingredients typically derived from traditional sources, but without the need for conventional agriculture. This method ensures we provide the familiar flavours and quality consumers love, while also embracing a sustainable path for our planet's future.

Precision fermentation is reshaping food production. Be part of the innovation driving this change.


Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to explore endless possibilities. We come from a variety of fields and backgrounds, yet our passion for Biofect's mission ties us all together. 


Dr. Ralph Christian Delos Santos


John Abousawan, CBDO of Biofect Innovations, an alternative protein biotech company

John Abousawan


Teshager Kefale, CTO of Biofect Innovations, an alternative protein biotech company

Dr. Teshager Kefale


Louis Lo, CSO of Biofect Innovations, an alternative protein biotech company

Dr. Louis Lo


Our team

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Proveg incubator
Science Discovery Zone- Ryerson University
Altitude Accelerator
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