Innovating animal ingredients with effective biology

Biofect Innovations is redefining animal-derived ingredients using sustainable animal-free processes. We remove animals from harm and leave the environment better for future generations.


*No animals required


To create our ingredients in an animal-free manner, we design microorganisms and use fermentation (similar to brewing beer) to convert sugars into valuable animal ingredient products

1) Organism design

2) Fermentation

3) Animal-free animal ingredients

Designer cells



What gives meat its meaty taste?

The answer lies in a molecule called 'heme', which functions to carry oxygen around the animal's body. This same molecule that gives life to animals, is the same molecule that gives cooked meat its red colour, meaty taste and aroma.

At Biofect innovations, we wanted to develop a way to create heme without using animals. By fermenting heme using microorganisms, we redefined heme as an animal-free ingredient, compatible with plant-based products guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of even the meatiest eaters.


Please contact us to learn more about how you can use heme in your plant-based food formulations.

Sustainability of the planet
Feeding the planet

By developing an alternative way to produce animal ingredients, we are supporting world efforts in reducing our dependence on animal livestock. Our current ways of animal agriculture is unsustainable and unlikely to feed the 10 billion people expected on this earth by 2050.

Animal welfare
Image by Doruk Yemenici

Our ingredients are the same as ingredients taken directly from animals, except ours doesn't require slaughtering of any. By reimagining how we create animal-derived ingredients, we can reduce and eliminate the suffering of billions of animals every year.

The Environment
Broken Trunk

Half of the world's habitable land is used for agriculture. Of that 50%, about 80% is used for livestock either as land for grazing or growing animal feed. In fact, animal agriculture is the second main cause of Amazon deforestation. By reducing our dependence on animal-derived products, we can prevent further damage to our planet to reverse climate change and promote biodiversity.

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